What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a wide variety of practices used by webmasters to ensure a site ranks high in the search engines. It is a tactic of strategies, procedures, and methods geared towards the goal of increasing visitors to an internet site by gaining a high-ranking position of searched answers on the internet.

SEO works in different ways; it covers a broad variety of techniques. These techniques involve making the code of a website easy to find for search engines. It stores information data which is essential for any site. Instead of making users hunt for their bits of information, they provide virtual robots called spiders that do the search work faster and more efficiently.

Optimizing means making something efficient. Web searches are conducted based on stored and indexed information data. And to facilitate a quick response, search engines devised a classification system that ranks data according to its relevance to what users are looking for.

For example, if a user types in the phrase “pizza delivery Scottsdale, AZ”, search engines will focus on data that has the most value relative to what the inquiry is looking for. By doing this, the user is given useful information by giving only results that show pizza delivery services in Scottsdale, AZ.

To rank high, SEO includes creative elements required to improve rankings, which will thus bring in more customers, while increasing alertness in search results. There are various phases of how to implement SEO, but to rank high, your site should be structured in a way that search engines appreciate. These appreciative factors include:
Anchor text, Original content, Backlinks, and Keywords.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the text visible on a hyperlink in a web page. This text indicates what to expect in the corresponding landing page when a user clicks on a hyperlink. For example, by clicking the phrase Search Engine Optimization, that hyperlink will take you back to our homepage. To a prepare a user for what they can expect if they click that link, the text acts as a lead to a page. In this particular example, we used the surrounding context of the link to inform you where that link will take you.

This will be crucial for establishing a link between the landing page’s URL and the anchor text. An appropriate anchor text helps to communicate the purpose of your landing page on the very page that links to it.

Search engines follow anchor texts when navigating your site, which helps in faster crawling and indexing of your web pages.

Original content

Content creation is writing articles and blogs and any other material that search engines frequently look for on the web. The content should be relevant to what the reader needs and of good quality. From this, you integrate the links to your other web pages. Quality content plays an integral role for readers to notice your site.

Original content is an efficient way of building traffic to your site. Presenting quality content is vital to develop credibility and trust which leads to increased traffic, which in turn shows your site as a trusted resource on the internet.

Copied content can jeopardize the reputation you want to build for your site. On the other hand, well-written articles with quality content is likely to catch the attention of online readers. This can increase the potential for your articles to be more visible and desirable. The more your content is read, the more likely they will be prompted to click on your link to visit your site and generate more traffic on your webpage.


Backlinks are links that start on another website, that then point to your page. Backlinks are established from various web pages on the internet that have material on them that is relevant to the content you have on your web pages. Quality web pages encourage practices that use backlinks, as people start linking to your site when you provide top-notch quality in content and a user-friendly interface.

Backlinks allow you to provide the URL for the site you want to promote. Backlinks can be considered as a “vote” for your website. Just like politics, the more votes you have, the better off your ranking will be.

When the spiders find that your links are excellent and the pages have reason to be linked, the engines will place your site higher. To accomplish, you need to create structurally sound web pages that are reader and user-friendly. 


Placing keywords selectively throughout the content is another trick of search engine optimization rules that drive traffic through content. A keyword is a search term used to find a resolution. We touched on this a bit earlier, but if you’re typing in Google the phrase “pizza delivery” and you had your website optimized and focused for that term, Google would do its best to return all websites with that particular search term (keyword).

So there you have it, SEO in a nutshell. There are literally hundreds of other factors that come into play when working on search optimization, but these are just the basics to get someone started in the right direction. By applying a combination of these guidelines, you will be well on your way to ranking in the page 1 results.